About Us


This organization exists to host an annual prayer breakfast event for Woodbury and the surrounding areas whereby leaders from business,  government, education, and Churches are assembled for the purpose of seeking divine guidance, to proclaim a call into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to renew a faith and dependence upon God.

2021 Board of Trustees

Mayor Anne Burt
  • Chair – Mark Hargis (Woodbury Wealth Management)
  • ViceĀ Chair – Vacant
  • Treasurer – Kirk Nesvig
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Trustee – David Millington (Millington Insurance Group)
  • Trustee – Jan Nelson (Associated Bank)
  • Trustee – Mary Giuliani-Stephens (Former Mayor of Woodbury, 2018 Bill Hargis Person of the Year)
  • Trustee – Kelly Jahner-Byrne (The Who Gal)
  • Trustee – Sue Stenson
  • Trustee – Jeff Wynia
  • Trustee – Greg Hendricks
  • Trustee – Anne Burt, Woodbury Mayor
  • Trustee – Stephanie Brunz


Mayor William Hargis started the first Woodbury Area Prayer Breakfast in 2000.  The first breakfast hosted around 100 people compared to the average attendance of 400+ that attend the event today.

Modeled after the National Prayer Breakfast held in Washington D.C., members of the Woodbury community and surrounding areas gather in faith to hear music and pray together for all areas of the community.  Highlight of the event is a key note speaker which is often a local or national speaker that seeks to enlighten attendees.

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